Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Reference Job: Commercial Rainwater Harvesting for Vehicle Wash or Cooling Tower Makeup

This facility washes luxury cars, in preparation for auction to dealers. They clean 1500 - 2000 cars/week, so obviously water is a large cost of doing business.

Preparing the pad for the above-ground steel tank. A concrete foundation is not required, but we did want something level. It turned out to be more digging than we thought, to get through the asphalt of the parking lot, down to solid ground.

We erect the tank by first building the top ring of the wall, then adding the roof sheets. 

We then jack up the assembly, and add the next ring of wall panels. 

We put the Purain filter inside the tank, for a cleaner look. We should have done this before we added the second wall ring. Continuous improvement!

Next we add the PVC liner inside the tank. It's like changing your sock while wearing your shoe.

Piping penetrations are 2 flanges, sandwiched and sealed on the liner.  Here's the finished tank.

Inside, here is the pump, VFD, and filter. We use only a 25 micron sediment filter. The city water also requires a filter, PLUS a water softener. Rainwater is very soft already, so, spotless rinse!

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