Sunday, May 17, 2015

Freeze protection for rain barrels another small aboveground water tanks

Hello from Atlanta, where it's currently 10°F above zero. So strange to have to clarify that it's above zero versus below, but this is the second cold winter in a row here. I thought I'd give a report on the freezing activity overnight.   Yesterday the high was about 30 to 35°. Then about 5 o'clock, the temperature started to drop Oakley, and lows were about 10.

This morning when I went out to check my full 500 gallon water tank, there was a layer of ice only about one half an inch thick.  FYI, the tank is next to the house, at a low point in the yard, and generally protected from the wind. So in a protected location.

Rainwater Harvesting (and Water Conservation) for the Hospitality Industry

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